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There are times when I kick myself Say I'm not sick but I can't get well Say I got this while I chase my tail As if they can't tell I'm running from my shadow
mike draws
the versatile creativity of Mike Shinoda
he was not only in linkin park...
Mike, he started
drawing as soon
According to
as he could hold
a pencil
"When we had dinner, parents used to give me a notebook. I was eating dinner before everyone else, and got bored. I started making noise, was annoying everyone; they realized if they gave me a notebook and a pen, I would calm for a while"
Shinoda started making music at age 3 when he enrolled him in a piano class
At 12, he first wrote a piece for a life music competition, in which he won
"For the first time in my life, I realized that I can write songs and it’s a fun activity"
his passion for music grew more and more over time
He became interested in jazz, blues and hip-hop at the age of 13
He added guitar and rap to his repertoire while studying at school
He started recording songs with his friend Brad Delson, using Mike's bedroom as a studio
Then he went to the Art Center College of Design
of Pasadena to study graphic design and illustration. There he met DJ and turntablist Johan
Then he went to the Art Center College of Design of Pasadena to study graphic design and illustration. There he met DJ and turntablist Johan
in 1996 Mike and
Brad make the
group superxero
Mark Wakefield, Joe Hahn, Dave Farrell have been joining to them later. After the band was called
In three years, they received dozens of rejections from record labels. Albums, producers and sponsors never appeared on the horizon. The band began to fall apart - vocalist Mike Wakefield announced his departure
Chester Bennington
They are looking for a another vocalist and know about one guy
The musicians called Bennington and asked to send them their vocals on a demo cassette. Bennington, looking up from his birthday celebration, recorded a demo tape and gave it to the guys to listen to on the phone. His unique voice made a huge impression on the group. Chester flew to Los Angeles the next day.
a group appeared
The guys had a problem with a British electronic group called Hybrid and accuses them of plagiarism, so Chester Bennington came up with a new name for the group — Lincoln Park, because he constantly went to the studio through this park in Santa Monica
But the domain was busy. In English, the surname Lincoln is pronounced as Linkin, and the group was named Linkin Park, having received the domain
This is how
linkin park
showed up, which
we know about
Mike took part in the creation of almost all the covers
Mike formed a solo project called Fort Minor in 2003-2004. He explained the name of the project in an interview:
"Fort" symbolizes the more aggressive side of the music. "Minor" can mean several things: when talking about music theory, "Minor" means "dark" and the minor tone is lower. I wanted to name the album more than be proud of my name on the cover, I want people to pay more attention to the music than to me.
There are times when I kick myself Say I'm not sick but I can't get well Say I got this while I chase my tail As if they can't tell I'm running from my shadow
There are times when I kick myself Say I'm not sick but I can't get well Say I got this while I chase my tail As if they can't tell I'm running from my shadow
at the following year, Mike created a series of 10 paintings that became the basis for the album
The Rising Tied
This series featured in Mike’s first public display of Diamonds Spades Hearts & Clubs art. In addition to the 10 Fort Minor paintings, the show also included 13 originals and 5 collaborations. The Diamonds Spades Hearts & Clubs exhibition opened at Gallery 1988 on November 19, 2006.

On 11th July 2008, Shinoda’s second exhibition "Glorious Excess (BORN)" premiered at the Japanese American National Museum, which consisted of two parts.
On 25th January 2018, Shinoda released the EP under his own name
It dedicated to his feelings after the death of his friend Chester Bennington, who committed suicide. It is because of the issues raised in the songs, Shinoda decided to publish the album under his own name, without using his previous Fort Minor alias
In early March, he unexpectedly announced that he was working on a solo album, inviting fans to meet him that same day in Los Angeles to hear the new song and join the music video. The fan invite event was documented and shown in the music video for "Crossing a Line"
“It's a journey out of grief and darkness, not into grief and darkness. If someone went through something like that, I hope you feel less alone. If it has not happened, I hope you feel grateful”
in 2021, Mike
posted the song
"Happy Endings"
And on December 3, 2021, he released the Ziggurats EP, on which the first NFT generative mixtape was released. It contained 5000 unique audio + visual NFTs on the Tezos network.
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